Shoulder Bags Ireland

These fantastic Bycical/shoulder bags are made of non-woven (120 g/m²) materials. These easy to carry and gorgeous shoulder bags are super-lightweight and very strong with a large space. These bags have one main compartment and a couple of small compartments for pens and small carry stuff and a strong shoulder strap along with velcro flap.

  • Cheapest price in Ireland
  • Available in multiple colours
  • Good quality bags

Bag Specifications:

  • Print size ( on the flap ): 220 x 150 mm
  • Base Color of the bag: black
  • The Weight of the bag: 80.00 g.
  • The material used: synthetic fibre fabric
  • The Length of the bag: 36.00 cm.
  • The Height of the bag: 6.00 cm.
  • The Width of the bag: 27.00 cm.