Shop Flags Ireland

These Eye-catching flags are a fantastic way of promoting your business on the streets of Ireland – and no planning permissions are required! The flags are ideal for capturing passing customers attention or showing people where your business is and what you do! The flags can be printed on a single side on generic materials or double sided on more durable sail materials. The flags can also be chosen to sway right or left-sided or both and we also supply the flagpole if you need one. So if you are looking for a stylish way to promote your business in Ireland today then order our shop flag and we can get our designers to tailor design them for you with your brand or business message.

Sizes Available:

  • (75 x 75 x 150 cm)-double sided
  • (75 x 75 x 150 cm Left)
  • (75 x 75 x 150 cm Right)
  • (68 x 68 x 136 cm)-double sided
  • (68 x 68 x 136 cm Left)