Bangor Erris Angling Club

Project: Corrie Board Signage, Swinford, Co. Mayo, Ireland.

Client: Bangor Erris Angling Club

Bangor Erris Angling club was established in 1970. The club offers fishing to non club members and angling tourists on a daily or weekly basis. The club promotes fly fishing for salmon and seat trout primarily, though spinning for Salmon is allowed up until the end of March on Carrowmore Lake. The Bangor Erris Angling Club Fishery has become renowned for its premier angling throughout Ireland and Europe, attracting visitors from all parts of the EU as well as further afield with anglers having come from Brazil and the United States. The fishery is very unique because it offers fantastic angling opportunities for both advanced and beginner anglers who can choose from either Carrowmore Lake or the Owenmore River depending on which suits their abilities best, with the river offering for the most part obstruction free Fly Fishing.

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