Deluxe Roller Banner Ireland

The Deluxe roller banner is the cream of the crop of Pull up or Roll Up banner units in Ireland! These high-quality units come with a much more premium base and stand much better than either the premium or economy pull up or roll up banner units do. These units are so easy to put up or take down and come with a really convenient bag so you can travel easily with the deluxe roller banner for your business in Ireland.

  • These have the Strongest base of all of the units
  • Best quality roller and pull-up banner
  • These units come in 4 sizes (inc. XL)
  • Small (85 x 200 cm)
  • Roll-up banner medium (100x200cm)
  • Roll-up Banner Large (120 x 200 cm)
  • Roll-up Banner Extra Large (150 x 200 cm)