How Pro SEO Grew our Signage Company

Sign West is one of Ireland’s leading Sign Making and Signage Company in Mayo servicing Galway, Sligo, and Roscommon. We are your one-stop shop for all your Signage Requirements. Having set up our Signage company a few years ago, we knew we needed digital marketing for our business to become successful. So, as a company, we decided to do our research online for a Digital Marketing company who had the best reviews from previous customers and were the leading company in Ireland. Search engines like Google and their own website, it stated they were ranking number one SEO company in Ireland and were highly successful. So, we decided to give them a call and went ahead with the on-site SEO services, and to say the results we have achieved after been with Pro SEO for a couple of years now were just outstanding it really is an understatement. In this Blog, I am outlining and explaining How Pro SEO grew our Signage company.

What Is SEO? 

SEO is a short term for “Search Engine Optimisation. It simply means a technique that is performed during optimisation of a website to help maximise and achieve higher rankings from search engines such as Google.

They improved our Visibility 

To gain visibility to any website, implementing Search Engine Optimisation is important. This is done by a process which involves using keywords, link building, and increased site speed. The more chance you have of people finding your website the higher your visibility will be. People will begin to trust you more if you continue to show up on search engines like google.

They put you first 

All our requirements and the business needs were put first. Pro SEO was dedicated and committed to us and our business. They offered superb value and an exceptional customer service. If we needed them anytime we could call them, and they were always on the other end of the phone. They are 100% committed to every service that they provide.

SEO helps you stay ahead of the competition 

Having your website easily accessible, mobile friendly, and more visible, this will ensure that a user will be able to find your website more easily on search engines. The higher rankings you are Google the more your business will stay ahead of the competition. A lot of users will then click on your website rather than your competitors.

SEO can help increase sales 

Once you are providing a viable product or service, it can genuinely help increase sales for your business. Investing in the right marketing company is key here. Pro SEO was the best investment we ever made. Our sales and revenue have thoroughly increased in the space of a couple of years.

SEO receives 90% more clicks than PPC 

Search Engine Optimisation generally exceeds PPC advertising. This is because the organic SEO receive 90% of clicks. Many businesses will skip PPC and invest in SEO.

SEO is always evolving 

SEO is ever changing and evolving and bringing new and exciting things to the SEO world. It really works. By 2020, SEO spending is forecasted to increase to 80 billion. Now is the time to jump in and invest in this service for your business.

It is a cost-effective solution 

It is a very affordable and cost-effective tool that should be implemented into every business. It is an excellent investment once done the right way, it will deliver your business results and traffic to your website thus gaining new customers and profitable sales.

Our rankings improved vastly on search engines 

On a lot of Search engine web pages, our rankings have improved vastly for all the important keywords. We have gained endless results, improved rankings, and gained a lot more traffic to our website.
After been with Pro SEO this past couple of years we have truly received the best results we could ever ask for. Before this, we were ranking poorly, and our website was not being seen anywhere on search engines. So, after 8 months, our website was ranking with all the top keywords that we wanted on the first page of Google. This is all thanks to Pro SEO. Pro SEO exceeded our expectations for their professionalism, reliability, and their dedication to deliver and drive all requirements that we had asked of them for our business. We were truly impressed and would highly recommend Pro SEO to all friends, family, and other businesses.