Vinyl plus Dibond Signage | Daybreak in Ballinlough County Roscommon

Project: Vinyl plus Dibond Signage

Client: Daybreak in Ballinlough County Roscommon

Dibond Signs: Everything You Need to Know

Dibond is a well-known word in the printing business, thanks to its widespread use, high quality, and high sales. It’s an aluminum composite made out of two pre-painted aluminum sheets sandwiching a solid polyethylene core. Choosing the correct product for people or companies looking for a sign to meet their needs might be difficult at first. Dibond Signs, on the other hand, are a patented cause to unwind with the sort of high-quality product you’ve been looking for and are suitable for nearly any business.

What Are The Advantages?

Dibond signs are made of a stiff composite that has a lightweight yet long-lasting surface. It can be created through a straight cut or made into three-dimensional shaped signs. The polyethylene core aids in the creation of a thick, robust sign without adding the weight that a pure aluminum inside would.

Is It Better To Be Inside Or Outside?

Despite the fact that we pride ourselves on providing clients with a variety of inexpensive indoor and outdoor signage, Dibond is unquestionably a fantastic alternative for usage outside. Dibond is sometimes used inside, for a bespoke interior business design or to complete a distinctive style, to produce a modern, streamlined industrial appearance. Dibond, on the other hand, is most recognized for its outdoor use and weather resilience. It will maintain its form and integrity regardless of weather changes. Looking for a sophisticated method to display your Dibond signs? Use standoffs to install your freshly acquired bespoke Dibond sign in an attractive manner!

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